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Full-Service Animal Clinic

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Veterinary Care

Help your pet live a happy and healthy life with
our full range of veterinary services. We provide checkups, pet vaccinations, medicine, surgery, dentistry, and veterinary lab services for dogs, cats, and other small animals.

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Flea & Heartworm Prevention

Keep your pet flea and heartworm free by
taking advantage of our extensive prevention
and treatment options. We offer various types
of effective flea and heartworm medicine for
cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies.

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Pet Boarding & Grooming

In addition to veterinary care, Riner Animal Hospital also provides pet boarding and
services. Call us today to board your
pet in a safe, healthy environment, or, make your dog or cat look great with our grooming service. 

Our Story

Riner Animal Hospital is an animal clinic located in Riner, Virginia. We specialize in providing medical and surgical care for small animals, with a focus on cats and dogs. Our practice has been owned by Dr. Richard Wright since January of 2000. Since then, we have assembled a team that is dedicated to helping your pets live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Contact us today for dependable care from people who are passionate about pets.

Service Area: Proudly Serving
Riner, Floyd, & Montgomery County, Virginia
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